The world is lost in an age of turmoil: of dark wilderness, and shifting empires.

Our tales take place in the lands known as the Eastern Territories; a loose-knit conglomeration of feudal city-states, dispersed throughout a vast open wilderness.

In these dark times, new heroes must arise to turn the forces of the unknown back into the shadows. . .

The Domain of Man is a homebrew campaign, based upon the “Palladium Fantasy Campaign Setting”, using the RuneQuest 6 rpg rule set.


Following are the general rules used for Domain of Man:

Rule book: Runequest 6-

Legend rpg- $1@ (Very close, but-not-exact rule set.)

Basic RPG Runequest- free download (Close, but-not-exact rule set.)

Character Creation:

    • Players will are required to come up with a Character Concept. This is an idea that will help guide certain choices such as culture and profession.
    • Examples include: Fierce barbarian hunter; Young, naive wizard; Chivalrous, yet disgraced champion; Suspicious, spirit-worshiping shaman; Overly-curious explorer-scholar; and Unscrupulous mercenary.
  • Character Characteristics:
      • Point Build: 80 Points
      • 1 point in a characteristic costs 1 Point from the Points Build pool.
      • Characteristics must stay within both their minimum and maximum values.
      • All Characteristic Points must be used in the design process. Points cannot be held over or used for anything else.
  • Combat Styles:
      • Combat Styles are weapon-class based: Each style incorporates every weapon of a particular design or damage type.
      • Example styles include, but are not limited to, Bladed, Blunt, Axes, Bows, and Chain.
  • Race:
      Domain of Man is a Human-focused campaign setting, with many different cultures and creeds. During their travels, the heroes may meet other non-human races, who occupy the world of Midgard. Whether they survive the experience is another story. . .
      • Players will select a Cultural Background appropriate for their character (Barbarian, Civilized, Nomadic, or Primitive).
  • Background Events (Campaign Only):
      • Players will typically roll once on the Background Events table. This may influence or affect the Character Concept.
  • Family Background (Campaign Only):
      • Players will roll on the Family table. This may influence or affect the Character Concept.
  • Personal Connections:
      • Why are the characters adventuring together? What connects them and forms the companionship? It is recommended that each player choose at least one of his fellows and, working with the chosen colleague, devise a reason for the relationship.
      Party Luck Pool: Starting characters wishing to form a personal connection as part of their background are rewarded with a pool of Luck Points available to the entire party, rather than just a single individual. The number of Luck Points starts at two and increases by +1 per character who has formed a personal connection within the group.
  • Passions:
      • Starting Characters may have up to 3 Passions.
      • Passions represent several things: Loyalties and allegiances; Strongly held beliefs or ideals; and Emotion felt towards someone or something.
      • Remember, a Passion can be established at any point in the game– either during character creation or, and perhaps most interestingly, during game play.
      • All a character needs to do to establish a Passion is stipulate that he intends to form the passion and give it an appropriate adjective: Love, Hate, Guilt, etc.
  • Starting Character Age: Roll 1d8
      1: Young
      2-4: Adult
      5-6: Middle Age
      7: Senior
      8: Old
  • Magic:
      • In the world of Palladia, all forms of Magic are considered to be powerful, and not to be taken lightly.
      • A Character who is proficient in a form of Magic will have a Passion that reflects this in some way.
      • Characters with Magic training are assumed to have membership in a Cult (see Passions).


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The Domain of Man

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