The Borderlands occupy a rugged expanse of rolling hills and dense forest that stretches from the Great River north, to the Bruu-Ga-Belimar Mountains in the west, and up to the edge of Vucari Territory in the Great Northern Wilderness. This domain of seemingly endless forest and brushland is the largest unsettled region claimed by the Eastern Territory. Borderlands.JPG

As of late, Vucari Empire eyes have turned more to the south and the irritating intrusion of the human Eastern Alliance on what they consider to be Wolfen native lands. From many human’s perspective, including the Eastern Alliance, the Borderlands are up for grabs to any settler brave or foolhardy enough to carve out an existence in it’s untamed wilderness. That same perspective labels the Wolfen as monstrous invaders who routinely slaughter innocent settlers and burn down entire villages and farmsteads.

Though both sides claim the Borderlands, neither has fully settled or even explored all of it. The Vucari Empire has hunting lodges and scout stations scattered throughout the region, but especially the northern half. In addition, nomadic Wolfen tribes have considered the area to be ancestral hunting grounds for untold millennia.

Hunting lodges are typically crude wooden structures used during the warm months and then abandoned during the winter. Scout stations are of more sturdy construction, preferably built into the side of hills or concealed by a cluster of foliage or large trees. These serve the Wolfen as small military outposts, where spare weapons, extra armor, medical supplies, clothing and trail rations are stored.

The humans who call the Borderlands home are among the hardiest and most independent that the Eastern Alliance has to offer. These are tough men and women willing to brave the most hostile wilderness to build themselves a new life. Most are trappers/furriers, hunters, woodsmen, loggers and mercenaries, or so-called adventurers, but there are also homesteaders and the occasional village.

More so than anywhere else in the Eastern Territory, a strong back, loyalty, honor and a willingness to work hard are more important than anything else. Once across the Great Rhyne, also known as the Great River, a man’s destiny is literally in his own hands! To the people of the East, especially the inhabitants of the Eastern Alliance, the Borderlands are a safety buffer between them and the accursed Wolfen barbarians.


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