Eastern Alliance

In the years following the Vucari Empire invasion, the cities of the Great River created the core of what would later be known as the Great River Accord. The Accord was originally intended as a political treaty uniting the governments of the cities along the Great River, but many of the more powerful cities, including Llorn and Haven, refused to sign the completed work and the project was scrapped.

A decade later, High Priestess Mariana of Haven and Duke VasPasseon of Llorn called a council to resume work on the Accord; this time involving representatives of every major city along the Great River and many of the smaller communities further inland. It took nearly three years to hammer out a the document, but this time the major city-states and scores of small and medium settlements signed it, and the region was dubbed the Eastern Alliance- much, some say, to the irritation of the Western Empire and the Vucari Empire.

Within a century, 83% of the communities in the Eastern Territory, new and old, had signed the Great River Accord.

Great River Accord Affiliates of Note

Eastern Alliance

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