Eastern Territory

The region itself is a blend of mostly unexplored and uninhabited rolling hills, grasslands, and mixed forests. The Eastern Territory is currently being settled by humans, with the greatest numbers along the coast. The Eastern Territory is perhaps the greatest existing sea power, rivaled only by the Western Empire and Bizantium. Eastern_Territory_01.JPG

The Eastern Territory is also a place of comparative lawlessness. There is little uniformity in the ways of laws, customs, pricing or civility. Each community has its own set of leaders, militia, religions, and way of life. Any presence of the “law” or military usually ends at the borders of local townships, or city-states; creating “islands” of order in a vast “wilderland” of chaos.

Abandoned villages and settlements, once trading “boom-towns”, dot the landscape; with many now ruled by bandits or even more sinister occupants. Since no one nation claims these lands, the Eastern Territory is considered “open land” for any human settlers bold enough to carve out a claim.

Merchants, adventurers, and hapless travelers have the most to fear, particularly in the wilderness, the out- skirts of large towns, along trade routes, and in lawless enclaves. Small groups are most vulnerable because they can be easily outnumbered. Furthermore, travelers rarely have any strong ties to local communities, which means no one will cry over their dead bodies or miss them, should they disappear.

Recently, hostilities in the Borderlands and further outlying areas have reached the breaking point, and war seems imminent. Emissaries have been sent from the Eastern Alliance to the Vucari Empire but reputedly have never arrived. The Alliance fears some faction may have kidnapped the emissaries (or worse) in an attempt to stall negotiations and further escalate the threat of war.

Eastern Territory

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